I love music/I hate music latest review: Shonen Knife @ The Tin

Another great review and photos from Daniel Faulkner and his excellent I love music/I hate music blog, kindly shared with Plug & Amp…


Shonen Knife 2Shonen Knife blitzed through Coventry in a whirlwind of feedback, heavy riffs and pop-tastic melodies.



As part of the Japanese Culture Festival at the Coal Vaults, iconic pop punk trio Shonen Knife graced the intimate stage tucked away in the canal basin and basically caused a bit of a riot.

Shonen Knife 3The tiny venue served as a perfect setting for the trio who blazed through tons of classic hits as well as performing tracks from their new album Overdrive.


Well known for their influence on the 90s grunge scene and having a fan base that include the likes of Thurston Moore and Kurt Cobain the band showed that after 30 years their infectious tunes and stage personas are as fierce as ever.