Review: The Prophets, Kasbah Coventry, 18.04.14

Safe to say that Neck Deep are the high climbers of 2014, festival spots, constant touring and a brand new album that everyone is digging. So where better to debut new material but Coventry’s own Kasbah.

The Prophets Kasbah 1The floor is literally packed in the side room at the legendary establishment and with a whole new funky layout the stage is in a much more predominant space than before. Supporting the rockers are Coventry’s own The Prophets. A female fronted pop/rock group who could not look any happier about owning the stage before one of their favourite acts.


Even as their intro starts the crowd are going wild with claps and cheers, despite being quite small it seems they have a strong following already.

The Prophets Kasbah 2After their intro they kick into their first song ‘Wait For You’ and already it’s clear that this band is different from all the Paramore wannabes out there at the minute (Tonight Alive, I’m talking to you), this band has personality and even better it has a girl that can sing and play an instrument. I think the ‘I Smoked Crack With Justin Bieber’ T-Shirt won a bit of this crowd too.


Having spent the best part of a week in London recording their third EP it was clear they were more than anxious to get back on the stage and tear it apart.

The Prophets Kasbah 3The drummer (Kris) who was lost to the background sadly was a very talented individual and he pulled it off with grace and style. The second guitarist (Rhys) and Bassist (Nathan) really connected with the crowd and had them eating out of the palm of their hands. They said jump and the crowd wished they could be heard when asking ‘how high’.

‘Tonight’ was probably the best song out of the bunch with the memorable chorus and awesome riff to go along with it.

The band finish off with their downloadable track ‘Got Me So Bad’ which creates a huge circle pit for such a small band and they could not look any happier or surprised with this turn of events.

It’s a shame that this whole show has three support acts because this meant The Prophets only got five songs in before going off stage. This outfit prove that they’re not just another generic pop rock group but rather a band that strive to be different and they do just that.

Listen to The Prophets latest single, Got Me So Bad:

Richard Ounsworth