Love Music Magazine featured interview: Rosetta Fire

Rosetta Fire were the Plug&Amp featured band that appeared in the April issue of Love Music Magazine.

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You can read the full article here, but here are some of the highlights from their interview together with photos from their recent gig at TJs in Leamington…

RF TJs 04_04_14What would you say inspires your music?

That’s a tough question! We draw inspiration from all sorts of things. Life experience serves for a lot of the lyrical content. Musically, it’s a whole mixed bag of everything from 40s style jazz to stadium type rockers, but when you put all of it through the Rosetta Fire filter there is broadly an overall sound characterised by tight harmonies, strong melodies and strong songwriting. The focus is very much on the song and what is best for that rather than individual members.

RF TJs 04_04_14 10What has been the highlight of your career so far?

One of our first gigs was at Warwick Folk Festival in the Market Square on a cold rainy day, just the two of us (Ant – vox, Jim – guitar/vox). People were just milling about and as the set went on more and more people came out of the pubs and into the rain to hear us. Looking back it was a really strange event. We got interviewed live on the radio after that by BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.

RF TJs 04_04_14 6What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career?
You have to start of with the end goal in mind and someone driving that along with some effective management of how to get there, otherwise you tread water. If you’re in it just to play to your mates you can do that when you pop around their house for a beer!

We’ve always had faith in the songs and how we sound as a band, but you’ve got to have someone driving the development side of things publicity wise, business wise, pushing to the right venues rather than taking the wrong kind of gigs. Saying no can sometimes do you favours. It’s tough to find someone who is good at that side of things. You have to trust in their abilities, energy and personality and vice versa.

RF TJs 04_04_14 7What is coming up for you this year?
2014 has the potential to be a really exciting year. We’ve got some good management behind us, we’re getting gigs at some good venues on the bill with some really good acts, and a deal struck with a studio for doing an album. We’re at the start of sorting out the funding for that last part. We did a single a couple of years ago with George Shilling, who has worked with the likes of Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Bernard Butler…..many more….. the results were fantastic so we want to do the album with him.

Gig wise we’re going to be out a lot more to build up more of a fan base. That is very hard in an age where people have so many distractions!

Read the rest of the Rosetta Fire interview on page 52 of the April issue of Love Music Magazine here.
Photos courtesy of Chris Barrow Photography.