Review // Preview: Drop Down Smiling 12.04.14

Plug&Amp contributor, Nivi Morales, appraises Drop Down Smiling ahead of their gig supporting LostAlone on their headline tour at Coventry’s Kasbah this Saturday (12 April)…

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Press play, the tune called Why Should We Change opens with cinematic synth strings and rhythm sequences against a background of drowned whispers, then a shout followed by a quick succession of drums, guitar riffs and scales and keyboards.

A blasting intro peaked by lyrics delivered in Chris West’s unique and flawless style. The song unfolds and evolves by leaps and bounds. Sometimes rhythmic, sometimes melodic but always keeping it’s own style. You have been punched in the face by Drop Down Smiling, and you want more.

We all have experienced that moment of anticipation, of electricity before discovering a new piece of music. Drop Down Smiling are definitely an act that will meet and surpass your expectations.

Another notable track from the band is Down from your Skies featuring an excellent use of vocal harmonies between Chris West and Martin Dale as well as a great use of guitar to create an extra layer of rhythm, especially during the first part of the song.

Drop Down Smiling Kasbah 2The band translates as good live as they do in their tracks. Probably a testimony to the time they have spent creating music – the guys have been performing together under different names since they met in high school over 10 years ago.


In 2011 they returned from a 3 year gap with a renewed sound. Drop Down Smiling reflects how, despite facing several obstacles, they always get up with a smile. As a matter of fact the line up has remained the same over the years: Chris West (lead vocals and guitar), Mike Brown (lead guitar and vocals) Martin Dale (bass and vocals) James Porter (drums, samples and vocals).

The band take influences from a vast range of artists and build them into their own unique sound. Drop Down Smiling are not followers, rather they lead the way. The guys are not shy of experimenting with samples and creating cinematic music intros. They plan to go in the studio to release a further EP this year.

Their hard work hasn’t escaped recognition. In 2013 they made it through to the MTV Brand New and Unsigned finalist, last year also saw the band’s first tour of Europe.

In February 2014 they were the featured band of the month for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Introducing and they’ve just come back from another European tour with fellow Coventry band Flygone.

Kasbah 12_04_14

Your next chance to catch up with them will be this Saturday 12th April at the Kasbah, when they will be opening to London band Lost Alone. Tickets are only £5 and are available here:

This might be the last chance to see the band before they head to the studio. I strongly recommend not to miss it. – Nivi Morales

Watch Drop Down Smiling’s video for Why Should We Change:

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