I love music/I hate music latest review: Bad Mouth Men

Another great team-up for Plug&Amp, with Daniel Faulkner and his excellent I love music/I hate music blog.

We hope to publish a lot of Daniel’s reviews and photographs in the future, so keep a look out for them. Here’s the first of many…


Bad Mouth Men 1

I didn’t know bands without laptops still existed. They do. Bad Mouth Men are a little like all my favourite 90’s bands, painted with Placebo, mutilated by Pantera.


Punk ethics, punk looks (kinda), and punk riffs. Dirty 16ths on the bass, jagged guitar hooks spilling from the fretboard and spitting vocals about evil tormenters. It’s B-Movie gore complete with Rocky Horror show cast. Lead singer Bazza stole his sneer straight off Jonny Rotten’s face and when the band paid homage to their influences with a cover of Bodies, they nailed it. Just the way Matlock would have wanted it. Punk-metal? I don’t suppose these guys will care about my labels.

Bad Mouth Men 2Personal highlight was when friend of the band/ sound engineer/ local mental joined them on stage and picked up bass duties. This gave Bazza, the singer, the opportunity to do what he clearly thinks he was born to do, perform.  The ‘local crazy’ also added a gritty element to the line-up and bought the performance to a new level that was missing in his absence. Get this guy in your band. Keep him away from your drugs.

Bad Mouth Men 3I am not sure how long Bad Mouth Men have been going but if they streamline their set and capitalise on their ability to perform, and if 90s grunge/ metal comes back round… they are well in.

I will definitely show my age when I say it was like some weird window to my youth: Just as hazy and with just as many ‘variations on rock’. It was what being young and being in a band is all about. Coventry has some bizarre and inspiring stuff lurking around in the darker depths of its underbelly. Where are you?

You can watch the video for Shovelin’ here. Better still, get to a gig.

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