In Pictures & Sounds: Puma XIII, The Flapper, 21.02.14

Nuneaton rock band Puma XIII played The Flapper in Birmingham on 21 February and Plug&Amp were lucky enough to catch them playing alongside Leamington’s Diamond Skyes in support of headliners Your Head.

The three-piece band, made up Adam Norman on vocals and guitar, Dexter Kingston on drums and Jordan Handley on bass guitar say they’re “aiming to mix classic and contemporary guitar music to create hook based songs that will get you moving!”

Puma XIII posterBased on our experience of Puma XIII live, they’ve certainly managed to achieve that. And luckily for everyone who wasn’t at The Flapper, the band made some really great quality live recordings of some of the tracks they played, which you can listen to below, alongside some photos of the band from that night.



If you’d like to check out Puma XIII live for yourself (and we suggest you do), they’re playing The Kingswood Tavern in Nuneaton on Thursday 13 March.

Puma XIII 1Get Your Soul (live at The Flapper):

What the band say: “our first ever track”

Puma XIII 2

Take You To Heaven (live at The Flapper):

What the band say: “classic rock inspired riffage”

Puma XIII 3

Carnage (live at The Flapper):

What the band say: “our craziest song, co-created by our bassist Jordan and guitarist Adam with vocals from both of us”

Puma XIII 4

My Mirage (live at The Flapper):

What the band say: “fast paced surf rock for you all to dance to!”

Puma XIII 5

It Doesn’t Matter To Me (live at The Flapper):

What the band say: “our set closer”

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