Love Music Magazine featured interview: Diamond Skyes

Diamond Skyes were the first ever Plug&Amp featured band to appear in the March issue of Love Music Magazine.

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You can read the full article here, but here are some of the highlights from their interview together with photos from their recent gig at The Flapper in Birmingham…

Diamond Skyes Flapper 3“We’re Diamond Skyes from Leamington Spa. We have been together since January 2013. We have Tom Spencer on vocals and guitar, Pembroke Tenneson on vocals and guitar, Matt Whatson on drums and Tom Stanford on bass.”

 What would you say inspires your music?

Tom Stanford: “All sorts of bands, anything that connects with me on an emotional level. Films are now starting to influence my writing too from the atmospheres they create.”

Matt Whatson: “Funk, jazz, punk and wanting to sound like Led Zeppelin!”

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Diamond Skyes Flapper 1Tom Spencer: “Our gig at the Flapper in Birmingham was a special moment; we felt great on stage and the songs really came together nicely. There was a buzz around the place and it was great to have lots of mates there, quality night really.”

What advice would you offer to other new musicians looking to get where you are in their career?

Tom Stanford: “Practice, practice, practice. Get your set tight. Make as many contacts as possible.”

Pembroke Tenneson: “Buy an instrument and find some people to play with. You’re pretty much there then.”

Matt Whatson: “When writing Rock n Roll, try to play the Roll!”

What is coming up for you this year?

Diamond Skyes Flapper 2Tom Stanford: “We are looking at playing some small local festivals.”

Tom Spencer: “Lots of new tunes, lots of gigs and hopefully an new EP by the end of the year.”

Pembroke Tenneson: “Success and self-delusion!”

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Read the rest of the Diamond Skyes interview on pages 19 – 21 of the March issue of Love Music Magazine here.