Coventry’s Jonny Concrete get the fans’ vote

Coventry’s Jonny Concrete were named best local band in the winning entry to Plug & Amp’s competition to see Taking Back Sunday at the Kasbah.

Jonny Concrete 3Competition entrants were asked to name their favourite Coventry and Warwickshire band or artist and to say why.



Winner, Richard Ounsworth, nominated Jonny Concrete, saying the band “are  a total breath of fresh air in this world full of repetitive music. They prove that originality is still possible and their live shows, even though small, are amazing!”

Other comments about the band by entrants to the competition included “I was completely blown away! They’re a little bit of everything.”

Jonny Concrete 2Jonny Concrete describe themselves as a six-piece hip hop rock/jazz band from Coventry. They recently played The Arches in the city as part of a Fargo Tours event.


Last year they played Apex in The Car Park, celebrating 130 years of Coventry City FC. They were voted one of the best live acts of 2013 by Room Thirteen music website.

Other Coventry & Warwickshire bands nominated by competition entrants included:

91db (“different, unique round these parts, great live, fantastic musicians”)

Know Your Rights (“make the best music “, “an awesome local band”, “have come so far and most of all they are Godiva’s Unsigned winners”)

The Oceans Above (“have what it takes to go the next level with their catchy tunes, awesome structure patterns and vocals”, “an awesome sound, their tracks are sung and played with such passion and when you listen to them you can’t get the tunes out of your head”)

Drop Down Smiling (“those boys don’t stop grafting, really pleased to hear they’ve been named BBC Cov and Warks Introducing Band of the Month”)

Diamond Skyes (“good lads and quality harmonies”)

There will be another opportunity to nominate your favourite local band or artist soon when we launch another competition to win the chance to see a big artist at a local venue – watch this space!

Watch Jonny Concrete’s live performance at Apex In The Car Park, Coventry:

Photos courtesy of Tede Tadashi / Fargo Tours