The Oceans Above: Going Above & Beyond

They say first impressions count. So what every band needs is a stand-out track that makes heads turn and tears people away from their drinks and conversations to give the performers on stage their full attention.

Nuneaton alt rock band, The Oceans Above, have got just that in latest release, I’m Gone – a powerful ‘packs-a-punch’ tune that makes a brilliant set-starter, as proved at their recent gig supporting fellow alt rockers, Canterbury, at Coventry’s Kasbah.

Don’t be fooled by the softness of front man Adam Ross’ introductory vocals. What quickly becomes evident is the real force and emotion of this track and, indeed, this band. The word ‘epic’ springs to mind.

Recorded in London with rock producer Justin Hill, who has worked with Young Guns and Malefice to name just two, I’m Gone is a quality track accompanied by an equally attention-grabbing video release – the band’s first.

The Ocean’s Above – Adam Ross (vocals/guitar), Johnny Claridge (bass/vocals), Dan Thomson (guitar) and Nat Hines (Drums) – released their debut EP at the start of 2013 and have since then been building a steady following on the local scene and beyond, with support slots with much hyped rock newcomers like Marmozets.

On 24th January they’ll be taking their sound to London’s The Islington as the special guests of singer/songwriter Luke Girvan, once again proving that they’re a band that can see over the horizon.

Tracks like Blue Lights (which will be re-released this year) demonstrate real depth of feeling, the sort that can only be conveyed if the songwriter has lived through those emotions themselves. Couple that with soaring melodies and you’ve got a perfect piece of heart-felt alt rock.

Even the chord structure of tracks like Closer bring a lump to the throat and put goose pimples on your arms, but this too turns out to be a piece of perfect foot-tapping pop in the guise of a serious rock track.

This four-piece is well and truly on the upward trajectory. You can see and hear their ambition to go above and beyond their peers – and if they keep producing this quality of music, everything they want to achieve will soon be within reach.

See The Oceans Above live:

24 January 2014 at The Islington, 1 Tolpuddle Street, London N1 0XT.

Watch the video for The Oceans Above’s latest release, I’m Gone:

I’m Gone is available to download FREE from Bandcamp now.

The Oceans Above on Facebook

The Oceans Above on Twitter

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