Speaking in Shadows

Speaking in Shadows: Stepping into the Spotlight

If you’re going to a gig in the next few weeks, do yourself a favour. Get your act together and get yourself down to the venue in time for the support act. Yes, the first support act. Because you just might get a very pleasant surprise…

Some bands (we’ll mention no names) reach a point in their career where they seem insulted to play on a small stage to a small crowd. Speaking in Shadows are at the start of their journey but play every gig like it’s a headline slot at the main event.

Earlier this month they supported alt rock band, Canterbury (about to release their third album but still not on many people’s mainstream radar), with the also excellent Nuneaton band, The Oceans Above, playing the second support slot.

There is no doubting these five young upstarts’ passion for what they do and singer Adam Smith is the perfect frontman. More established artists could learn much from him and the manner in which he instantly makes the crowd feel at ease and ready to enjoy themselves.

To call Speaking in Shadows a straight-forward band would be an insult, because their talent as musicians and song-writers is obvious. They’re not at all afraid to write songs longer than four minutes, that peak and swoop and segue, taking the listener on a journey through hypnotic riffs, driving beats, melodic bass lines and intricate lead lines courtesy of Lewis Sketchley (guitar), Ali Carvell (guitar), Sam Powell (bass) and Grant Sketchley (drums).

Single release, Sweet Gemini, with its catchy chorus – instantly recognisable in a live set – is a perfect example of this. And neither are they afraid to indulge the listener in heart-felt, slower numbers such as A Place to Hide Away, which features the female vocal talents of Kayleigh Kendall, a perfect accompaniment to Smith’s vocals. Both are highlights of the band’s first album release, Standing at the Edge.

Straight-forward they may not be, but accessible they certainly are. It’s hard to imagine not being drawn out of the shadows to the front row barrier by these guys.

With a ‘street team’  – a popular tactic these days to mobilise your fan base – called the ReSIStance already having recruited hundreds of fans and thousands of followers on social media, you sense more and more are switching on to Speaking in Shadows.

11th January 2014 sees them in their rightful place, playing a headline slot at Nuneaton’s Queen’s Hall (in fact, the whole line-up is a delectable ‘who’s who’ of brilliant, upcoming bands).  And May will see the band get an even bigger opportunity to reach a large, mainstream audience as they play a semi-acoustic performance on the LG Arena‘s Forum Live Stage before the McBusted concert!

The disgraceful demise of bands like Lostprophets has undoubtedly left a hole in many rock fans’ playlists. So thank goodness for bands like Speaking in Shadows. Heaven knows we need some more heroes to believe in now.

Speaking in Shadows’ latest single,  Sweet Gemini, is available to download on iTunes now. Watch the video here:

Speaking in Shadow’s first album release, Standing on the Edge, is also available to download on iTunes.

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